As ETS İLETİŞİM İTHALAT İHARACAT SAN.VE TİC.LDT.ŞTİ. we have crowned our way with the brand of TOTAN in 2013 in order to present our best works to our esteemed customers with the promise of "always on time" to operate in the field of Import Export, Project Support and China Market in 2011. With a modern project and quality management system in all the works we undertake with the TOTAN brand we have established, well-educated, bold, young, dynamic staff has become the basis of competition power in national and international areas. The TOTAN brand is an organization where the creative brain power, the workmanship and the knowledge of 14 years are turned into reality. Since its foundation, TOTAN has continuously developed its development, knowledge and experience, international studies, administrative structure and high technological performance of its professional staff, quality and business security without sacrificing domestic and abroad to develope and grow. TOTAN, which closely follows the technological development of our country, is ready to share its current knowledge in new national and international projects and new collaborations to be established. TOTAN has adopted this mission, business understanding and quality policy as a corporate VISION all over the world and accorded corporate philosophy and organization in line with changing world conditions and evolving technological development process.

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